The Cheetoh Cat
The Cheetoh breed was founded about 14 years ago by Carol Drymon, an Ocicat and Savannah
breeder, who wanted to develop a hybrid cat that would be the ultimate family companion and safe
at any generation for families of all ages.  After a year and a half of research on different hybrid
cats, it was determined that the Bengal cat was the most consistently bred and had the best
subsequent personality traits.  Bengal breeding sires were chosen from a few of the original
Bengal catteries and their bloodlines to cross with specific Ocicat bloodlines.  The first Cheetoh
litter arrived on February 1, 2003.   The Cheetoh is recognized by the United Feline Organization
as new breed and color and by The International Cat Association as Experimental New Breed and
is registered with both associations.

Cheetoh cubs are available only through one of the catteries in the Cheetoh breeding program
around the world.  The program is being undertaken by various of breeders within the United
States and a number of other countries - with more being added regularly as the popularity of the
Cheetoh increases.  For further information on these cats or the breeding program, please contact
Wind Haven Exotics, the founding cattery of the Cheetoh breed, or one of the breeders listed on
this website.

The Cheetoh is one of the newest hybrid wild/domestic cross cat breeds, utilizing specific Bengal
and Ocicat bloodlines as discussed previously.  This cat incorporates the distinctive
characteristics of both the Ocicat and the Bengal, but has its own unique looks and attributes.  
These include extremely large size, unsurpassed gentleness of character, and the wild look that
can otherwise only be found in the jungles.

The Cheetoh, though demonstrating a very fierce appearance, is at all times an incredibly social
and loving cat, not aloof and never showing any tendencies towards aggressive or territorial
behavior which is common in other hybrid cats.  They are dependably safe with children of any age.  
This cat is extremely intelligent and curious, often showing an un-feline sense of humor. They are
very energetic and a great interactive member of any size family.

In summation, the Cheetoh cat is being developed to create the wildest looking domestic cat that
is perfect for folks wanting a large, sweet natured lap cat that looks like a true jungle cat.